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Blake Griffin Autograph Signing – South Bay Baseball Cards

September 27, 2012

Today was a pretty eventful day. During the morning I had plenty of errands to run, but the most excitement came from this afternoon – A special appearance by Blake Griffin at South Bay Baseball Cards in Lomita, CA.

A couple of days ago I was browsing through Panini America’s blog: The Knight’s Lance. As I was scrolling down, I saw a post about a Blake Griffin autograph signing event being held at a card shop out in Lomita. I quickly checked to see how far the city was from me and found it to be somewhat close (a manageable driving distance). So, first thing I did was buy myself a ticket to see the Blake Show and get his autograph. Now this event was put together by both South Bay Baseball Cards and Panini – not only that, but Panini representatives were on hand to authenticate each and every Blake Griffin autograph. Count me in!

It was a very busy day at the store. So many people came out filled with excitement and anticipation just to see Blake Griffin and get their piece of memorabilia signed. There were basketballs, hats, jerseys, posters – even a canvas print of Blake giving Timothy Mozgov getting, well… Mozgov’d. Great pieces of memorabilia all around. As for me? I got my jersey signed.

As many people as there were in the store, it was very well organized. They used tickets with numbers and called out a range of numbers at a time to line up and get their autographs. I’ll tell you, this was probably the most well organized autograph session I’ve been to (Stan Lee’s Comikaze Autograph Signing was pretty bad compared to this). The staff was very friendly and they conducted raffles throughout the signing session. They gave away boxes of cards, singles (such as an Elgin Baylor auto card), and even gave away some signed Blake Griffin photos that he signed earlier that day in the back room. I was fortunate enough to win one of those raffles and the prize? A little signed 5 x 7 photo of Blake Griffin at the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest – jumping over the car. The kicker with this – I got it authenticated with my signed jersey. 2 autographs for the price of one? I’ll take it!


Overall, it was a great experience and a very nice looking shop. If only it was much closer to home, I’d be going there a lot. It seems like they hold these types of events often, so I’ll definitely be on the lookout for any more autograph sessions from these guys.

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