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Basketball Cards – Not What They Used to Be

September 23, 2012

I used to be really heavy into basketball cards. When I mean heavy, I mean it was my favorite hobby. I tried my best to complete every single set that I could. Each week I would spend my allowance on Basketball Cards. I remember vividly going to the local grocery store and buying a pack of Fleer ’94 and Collector’s Choice ’94 because they were very cheap and I can get a lot of cards per pack. I remember specifically collecting for Penny Hardaway cards – I had to get as many as I can.

Ah yes, those were the days. When my friends and I used to make a big deal about insert sets. Rookies were common, but at the same time very sought after (maybe not as much as today’s standards). Pulling an insert card that was 1:35 was a very huge deal for me. Sets like Topps Finest and Fleer Flair were big sets back in the day. Refractors and Die-Cuts were such big deals back then.

Now imagine my surprise when I got back into the game a few months ago. There are autograph cards, game used memorabilia, short-prinited cards. My how the game has definitely changed. I recently got back in to the basketball card game with the 2011-12 Hoops set and with the Panini Past & Present 2011-12 set. When I was younger, one of my dreams was to open a whole box of cards. Of course back then I couldn’t even save up enough to purchase a whole box. Now, since I have a job, I can afford to buy a box of cards and open up every single pack. The sheer excitement of what cards lie in the pack and the trying to complete a set is what thrills me. Gives me the thrill of the rush.

Opening that 2012-13 Panini Prestige box really brought me back to my childhood and added a new flair to the game. It was exciting, fresh, new. I loved it so much that I decided to start blogging about my love for my hobbies. Not only basketball cards, but also video games (my main passion). I also decided take my hand at other hobbies as well, in particular Comic Books. So, I’m looking forward to diving into the comic book world.

There are many hobbies that I enjoy in life, passion for the collectibles. My purpose? To document my passion for my hobbies – to Geek it Out.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the ride!

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